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Domain Name Registration

A domain name - e.g., awnet.com or microsoft.com - is your company's calling card on the Internet.  Selecting and registering a suitable domain name is a complex and important task.  A&W Internet's domain name registration service ensures the job is done right.  Our services include ...

  1. recommending a creative and effective domain name
  2. searching the registrars to ensure your domain name is available
  3. registering your domain name on the Internet
A&W Internet can register your domain name for as little as one year and up to five or more years.

A&W Internet allows you to choose from a variety of domain name extensions (for example, .com .ca .net .org .biz .info .us .nu .ws .cc and .tv).  Newer domain name extensions, such as .biz .info and .us, have more choices available than more established extensions such as .com.  Although domain names are being registered at a record pace, there are still thousands of excellent choices available.

When selecting a domain name it is important to provide people with an easy way to reach your web site.  The best domain names have the following characteristics:

  • Short.  The shorter your domain name, the easier it is to remember your name and type it correctly. 
  • Meaningful.  A short domain name is nothing without meaning.  For example, 34i4nh69.com is short, but not easy to enter or remember.  Select a domain name that makes an obvious connection to your company name and its products and services.
  • Clear.  Clarity is important when selecting a domain name.  Avoid selecting a name that is difficult to spell or pronounce.  Also, pay close attention to how your domain sounds and how effectively it can be communicated over the phone.
  • Exposure.  In order to maximize your sites exposure, consider including a relevant search term in your domain name (e.g. winnipegpetsupplies.com).  Of course, this should only be considered if it still maintains a reasonably short, meaningful, and clear domain name.

Use Your Domain Name!
Once A&W Internet has registered your domain name, use your domain name on all your correspondence, like email and traditional mail addresses. Make other people aware of your domain name to inform your partners and customers about your web site.


A&W Internet can get your domain name registered for as little as $24.95!  Call (204) 982-4020 or e-mail info@awnet.com for more info.

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