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A&W Internet® provides leading-edge, high-value web services to clients across Canada and the United States.

From inexpensive dial-up services to commercial web site design and hosting, A&W Internet® propels business fast forward via web technology.

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No commercial medium exceeds the Internet's rate of growth.  The world wide web is more than information at one's fingertips; it's a billion-customer marketplace.  Borders and the limits of time and space do not exist on the Internet.  The world wide web never stops and never closes – it's always open for business.

A&W Internet® provides dial-up Internet access to Winnipeg-area businesses and residences.  To register for one of our dial-up packages, call (204) 982-4020 or e-mail info@awnet.com.

Teledisc Systems Ltd. A&W Internet® is a member of the Teledisc Systems group of companies.  Teledisc Systems has provided technology services to small businesses, national corporations, and all levels of government for 54 years. Our cutting-edge resources and more than 5 decades of experience give us an unrivaled position in the industry.

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